The Quality Training and level of knowledge imparted in a training institution depends on the qualifications, teaching experience and dedication of the faculty. T.S Chanakya has excellent faculty.

The Present faculty includes Marine qualified members some of whom are Extra Masters, Engineers 5 Academic Officers some of whom are Ph.D's.


Chanakya has a strong team of faculty drawn from both Industry and Academics. Full time faculty, instructors (Ex Indian Navy) are engaged in delivering the lectures. The combination enables faculty members to leverage their knowledge & experience in accordance with the Industry requirements. In addition there are a number of visiting faculty and guest faculty engaged to teach core / elective courses & deliver lectures in fields of their specialization.

Name Qualification
Capt. S.B. Sinha C.O.C. As Extra master
Capt. Parag Meherotra Assistant Professor As Master (FG)
Capt.R. Shah C.O.C. As Master (F.G)
Capt.D.G. Guhagarkar C.O.C. As Master (F.G)
Capt. S. Dey C.O.C. As Master (F.G)
Capt. Aman Gulati C.O.C. As Master (F.G)
Mr. Tilak Raj C.O.C. As M.E.O Class- I
Dr. Dashrath Ph.D(.Mathematics)
Dr. S.M. Puranik Ph.D(Physics & Electronics)
Dr.Abu Talib Ph.D(Geography)
Mrs. Aparna Erande M.Sc(.Mathematics)., B.Ed.
Mr. M.T. Anklesaria C.O.P. Class II, G.O.C. (India)
Capt. Shivswaroop C.O.C As Master (F.G)
Visiting Faculty
Capt. H.SubramaniamC.O.C. As Extra Master
Capt. T.D. HazariExtra Master(U.K)
Capt. S. MukharjeeC.O.C. As Master (F.G)
Mr.A.K. SharmaC.O.C. As MEO Class I
Dr. Rajendra NayakPh.D.(Marine Law)
Capt. GyanendraC.O.C. As Master
Capt. Ajay KumarC.O.C. As Master
Capt.S.ShivangiC.O.C. As Master
Capt. S. PandeyC.O.C. As Master